Freelancing 101

Despite the struggling times, we still encounter people who have found success in the industry that’s been around for a while now. Many have tried, but only a few have succeeded. And yes, I’m talking about freelancing.

According to a 2019 report by Payoneer on the ‘Global Gig Economy Index,’ the Philippines placed sixth in the world as the fastest-growing market for the gig industry, revealing a 35 percent growth in freelance earnings.

Whether it’s the flexible hours, the absence of micromanaging bosses, or a desire to build their businesses, the rewards for freelancers include work flexibility, higher incomes, and autonomy. 

In this episode, we interviewed Cherry Balboa as she shared her story on how to close premium deals from clients while she’s still being a Mom to her children.

  • Cherry’s Freelancing Journey – 04:25
  • On Taking Freelancing Seriously – 08:08
  • Is Freelancing for Everybody? – 10:05
  • On Getting (and Closing) Clients Online – 16:11
  • How Can You Optimize Your Profile Online? – 20:57
  • Is There An In-Demand Freelancing Skill? – 24:47
  • On Closing Deals as a Newbie – 28:08
  • Collaboration among Freelancers – 35:05
  • Trainings for Newbie Freelancers – 39:03
  • Tools for Freelancers – 42:13
  • Last Words – 44:25

Going Digital this Pandemic

Because of the pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurs were forced to embrace digital to ensure that their businesses will stay afloat. Some of them were struggling because they don’t know where to begin, but that should not be the case. Bisaya Digital’s Rome Nicolas shared his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can maximize the digital tools for their businesses, especially during these trying times.

  • Why go digital? – 02:47
  • Who should go digital? – 04:51
  • Why are people struggling to go digital? – 07:52
  • Going digital starter kit – 11:23
  • Should you spend money when you go digital? – 16:17
  • Pros and cons when you go digital – 22:10
  • Can you go back offline again? – 26:36
  • Future of Digital – 29:26
  • Groups to join for newbies – 33:48
  • Last words – 33:12